Sandpoint Seaplane Service

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Truly Unique Christmas Gift

This holiday season, why not spend some time out of the snow? And how better to get out of the snow than to be thousands of feet above the ground in a Cessna 206? Sandpoint Seaplane Service runs 12 months of the year. Despite its name, Sandpoint Seaplane's Cessna 206 is on floats for the summer and on wheels for the winter. Thy can do charter flights, scenic tours, and even back-country camping drops and pick-ups.

Typical packages include: a 20-minute tour that takes you over the Pack River Delta, Ellisport Bay, the Mouth of the Clark Fork, along the Monarch Mountains, and over Garfield and Bottle Bays; and a 40-minute tour that adds Char Falls, the Clark Fork River, Scotchman Peak and Maiden Rock. Custom tours are welcome.

As for charter options, there's now quicker way to catch a flight out of Spokane or Seattle than to fly into those airports.

The pilot/owner, Stephen Ruff, has over 7000 flight hours in his career, so you can have confidence in his good judgment and his flying skill. He will ensure the you and your passengers have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Here's a photo slide show of the scenic tour we took with Stephen in April of 2009.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Summer weather is coming!

As Spring brings more sunny days our way, it's time to start thinking about booking your next scenic tour or fly-in camping trip. Call us at 290.3257 for more information.